Here, I post the harder dance styles of EDM.
[Mostly] TRVP. Dubstep. Hardstyle. Drum&Bass.
[Also] Drumstep. Harcore. Hard House. Others.

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[Mostly in Southern California]
Represent. Embrace. Preach. HARDER DANCE STYLES
March 18, 2013

I’ve had a lot going on in my life, personally. Just checking in to drop anyone who is interested a line about what’s up over here.

Still FULLY interested and IMMERSED in hard dance music. Simply more involved in-person in the scene. Especially in L.A. / Hollywood area. Stay tuned!

☼ BEYOND WONDERLAND was FLANTASTIC by the way. Camo & Krooked killed it and Delta Heavy wiped the floor with my eardrums. I was SUPER pleased to FINALLY hear some TRAP MUSIC! Because lawwwwdyyy lawdy did I ever get excited when C&K got on stage and I heard the sample “D-D-D-DAAMN SON, WHERE’D YA FIND THIIIS?!” but alas, it was not foreshadowing to their set :P